PromisedLand LD Lucille

PromisedLand LD Lucille
5/29/2001 - 4/19/2004
SIRE ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw +*S
(MCH HBF Lucky Strike E x MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink's Pixie *D E )
DAM MCH Gay-Mor's LR Kitty's Meow 2*D
( Piddlin Acres Lies & Rumors+*S x ARMCH Gay-Mor's RA Kitty *D )
3 x Grand Champion Senior Milking Doe
1 leg unofficial
1 x Reserve Grand Champion Senior Milking Doe
3 x Best Udder
2 x Best Doe In Show
1 x Reserve Grand Champion Senior Milking Doe
Grand Champion Senior Dry Doe

Registered Pureblood AGS/NDGA
This is for Lucille.
The day Steven met Lucille, she had three does backed into a corner. That spunk and attitude would serve our girl well throughout her short time with us.
Lucille was an unassuming little black and tan buckskin doe that wormed her way into our hearts from the beginning. The moment she stepped foot on our farm, we fell in love. Her first months here we got well aquainted with this spunky little doe. Being a mid ranking animal certainly didn't stop her from being a trouble maker. She loved to pick fights and annoy her herdmates much to the chagrin of our herd queen, who must also have admired Lucille's spirit as she was one of few that Precious would allow to sleep in "her" house. We spent a great deal of time getting to know our little "Lucy Lou", as she was dubbed. My affection for her grew with each passing day.
Lucille blossomed that first winter with us. The day she freshened we were quite shocked and pleased with the correct mammary system she had. We knew then, that this doe was special.
Her first show, Lucille was quite the attention getter, winning her first Reserve Grand in "tough Texas competition". She learned early on that going to show was only for the special ones. She loved every minute of it! Lucille was a princess, and she knew it. She had that "Look at me!" attitude, and pranced and danced her way around the ring under son Jonathon's expert handling, looking right and left knowing herself to be the most beautiful doe there. Many a judge called her exquisite, one commenting that "the moment she walked into the ring, she captured my attention and held it!"
She won her first Grand under judge Marsha Gustafson who remarked upon her near perfect mammary system, incredible dairy character and exquisite conformation. She also awarded her Best Udder and Best of Breed. Unfortunately, due to a paperwork error, the leg didn't count. Her second Grand was won under judge Tom Rucker who commented upon her ideal mammary system showing the correct 1/3 in back of the leg, 1/3 hidden by the leg, and 1/3 in front of the leg. He awarded her Best Udder as well. Her third Grand was won in heavy competition under judge Beverly Mills who said she was a perfect example of the Nigerian Dwarf breed and awarded her Best Udder. She finished the 2003 show season with 4 Grand Champion wins, 2 Reserve Grands, 3 Best Udders and 2 Best of Breeds. The elusive MCH had escaped us.
Lucille became ill in January of 2004. We fought hard she and I, under the guidance of our vet. She aborted in March. We hoped that would be the turning point in our fight against the infection she was carrying. We thought we were winning the war when she had yet another set back. On April 19, Lucille lost her fight. She died in my arms. She is sorely missed.
In her short time here, Lucille proved herself to be one of the great ones. She left no viable offspring, only memories for those who adored her. Our hope is that one of her sisters will follow in her stead and take up where she left off. We feel privaledged to have had her with us.
Jonathon and Lucille winning her third milking leg under judge Beverly Mills.
Lucille the day after she arrived on our farm.
Lucille's last winter.
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